Week 17 – Were is my bump?

Whilst lying awake last night thinking about the smallest worries and concerns about my pregnancy I thought “instead of just Googling everything and seeking advise maybe I should actually share my experiences” so here goes…

1. Hairy Belly: I feel like a baby gorilla but not as cute. However I cannot complain as my hair and nails are looking lovely and healthy just this layer of body hair comes as a result of this!

2. Were is my Bump?: I feel like I deserve one now after the morning sickness and the constipation/diarrhoea/constipation… But natural things take there own natural time. I need to remember it’s my first baby and I will praying for no bump in August when I sweating buckets in bed!

That’s all for tonight – hope these entries may help someone else feel better about there pregnancy and ensure you are not going crazy your just pregnant!


3 thoughts on “Week 17 – Were is my bump?

    1. It’s so strange, i am sure it will come when I least expect it! Probably day before a big day out when I have already spent 2 hours picking a dress which then looks ridiculous ha xx

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