16 Week Anti-Natal

Well I am actually 17 week and 4 days but who’s counting?

The usual wee in a bottle, no blood this time and blood pressure was fine.

Then got to listen to the heartbeat! ❤️

It was so relaxing to hear that little thing go, from 12 – 20 weeks is strange! We have no bump (unless your lucky) just symptoms are starting to die down (if you are unlucky – hang in there ladies who still have there head down the toilet at 20 weeks).

This time feels so strange your body is changing so much without much physical change – I was going to buy a heart monitor however I think I would get obsessed and I am no midwife so when I cannot find it it will worry me.

Next is the 20 week scan when my little bean will actually look like the baby that will be coming out of me!


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