Wow! Aren’t you big!?!

Here we go again… Pregnant women moaning about people making comments about her bump!

I know it’s so predicable – but it’s not the comments that bother me it’s the people who say them – mostly mothers who probably had a moan about this when they were pregnant…

Do you forget straight after how it made you feel? 

Too be honest I am the kind of person to either laugh a comment off or make the person who said it feel so awkward they never speak to me again! But what about the less confident women who will go home and scrutinise there ‘massive bump’ in the mirror for an hour and feel like a whale!?

My advice:

  1. Ignore everyone
  2. Love and nourish your body – it’s giving life to your baby
  3. It doesn’t matter how big your bump is – as long as you and baby are happy

Body confidence and a healthy lifestyle!

Love Tara xx


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