Crazy Pelvic Pain – 35 weeks

Well getting a taster of labour early I think – over the last few days I have been getting sharp severe pelvic and vaginal pain.

It starts midday then gets worse and worse during the night until I lay down…

Serious thought I may have been in labour this afternoon – scared me to death!

Has anyone else had this?

I know it can be Braxton Hicks however they aren’t suppose to be painful are they?

Love Tara xx


3 thoughts on “Crazy Pelvic Pain – 35 weeks

    1. Oh good, I feel better that someone else has experienced it!
      I think rest sounds good, it does feel like a mix between pressure and pain – good long baths and plenty of water is helping me at the minute. Xx


  1. Lightning croch as I have been informed… I was reliably informed, it’s baby heading down to the point of no return. I had it loads with Millie as her head engaged much earlier!!! ENJOY!!!


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