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Judgement is served…

As I sit in a Coffee Shop in Blackburn looking at people through the glass I begin to judge them… (Not always negatively)

Then I wonder were are these judgements coming from? 

  • Their clothes
  • Their companions

Prejudice is a main factor within these judgements – I pride myself on not being: sexist, homophobic or racist. However what about other less publicised issues, prejudices we have from our upbringing or personal experiences?

Anyway what I am trying to say is that not good can come of judging people on face value this does not create a truly open and fair world – it also creates hollow one dimensional people. 

How are we suppose to grow and learn without learning from each other?

People’s choices create who they are, we might not always agree with these choices however we can take sometime from them to make ourselves better people…

Love Tara xx


2 thoughts on “Judgement is served…

  1. As humans, we are condemned to the world of language whenever we observe anything, and all observation in the subject/predicate form of a sentence is judgemental. The computer is on; or, this sentence I write has lots of words in it – are judgements. So, if we can’t escape judgements the best thing to do is form them intelligently … and whatever that means depends on a judgement.


    1. Of course – however some people believe it to be their right to judge other humans upon there actions without fully understanding the logic or reason behind them.
      I just believe the world would be a better more civilised place if judgement wasn’t taken so lightly and like you said intelligence played a major role within it.


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