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It’s a Boy…


Well I gave birth to a Baby Boy on the 31st August at 8:11pm – Conor Robert Rafferty.


My waters broke at 12pm (in front on my mum and dad in my living room) then at 2pm i went to Burnley to be checked out and i was 2cm…

At 6.30pm the contractions got very intense so i rang Blackburn Birth Centre and they had space for me THANK GOD!!! (a lady gave birth at home by accident)

Got to the Birth Centre at 7pm and was 7cm got in the pool and that was it the urge to push just took over – he came out at 8:11pm.

After an amazing birth the midwife said my vitals would not stabilise – after a few hours my pulse was still 150 so i had to be blue lighted to Burnley to be monitored for infection by Doctors.

I got there at 12am Me and Conor were taken in an ambulance (he got put in a little blue pod) and Wayne followed in the car. They were concerned that i had an infection and that if i did i could have been given to Conor too.

They took my bloods and put me on a fluid IV – instead of waiting for the bloods they put me on some broad spectrum antibiotics later to discover that it was an existing urine infection that had been made worse through the birthing process (it was already an aggressive infection)

I had to stay over night in the Birthing Suite in my own room however in the morning they still were not happy with my OBS so they transferred me to the Post-Natal Ward for another night! Which i wasnt too happy about but working for the NHS myself i knew the room i was in was needed for more ill patients.

The ward wasnt the nicest experience – i did not sleep a wink! Not because of Conor or the other Newborns it was the other New Mothers!!

I had a an epidural across from me who was shouting all night about not being able to feel her legs then also a C-Section next to me who was so drugged up she didn’t even know she had a baby – the cherry on the cake was they both snored ALOT!!!

Morning came (not soon enough) and the midwife said she will discharge me – THANK THE LORD!!! Friday dinner Me, Wayne & Conor got to go home =]

Love Tara xxx


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