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Cravings… myth or reality?

I don’t know if I actually believe in them!

My pregnancy was craving free and I wonder is that just because I am not the kind of person who when they think of something they need it there and then?

Yes I am talking about the ‘I’m pregnant – I am gonna milk it for all its worth’ women!

I also hate this – eat what you what lark!! No, eat what’s good for your baby and getting fat on unhealthy food is not good for your baby.

I am no means thin or the healthiest person in the world but as soon as I fell pregnant I knew it wasn’t just me I was eating for which made me more conscious of my health.

So for all you ‘I’m gonna get fat – I’m pregnant people’ think about your health and the health of that little baby inside of you!

Love Tara xx


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