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To look after him, I must look after me…

Well the last 12 weeks and 3 days of my life have been the most crazy, amazing and scary times ever!

This little thing is completely and utterly reliant on you and your care: so what about you and your care for yourself?

It obviously and rightly so takes second place; but as I have seen over the past few days it’s ok to side line your care but not too send it off all together! 

I have had a cold for more than 3 days (very rare for me), my skin is a mess, my hair is falling out and I haven’t had a proper poo in days maybe even weeks! 

This has also taken its toll on my mental health making me more susceptible to mood swings and general silly human emotions.

Tomorrow I am going into town and getting myself some props to help make my life healthy therefore in turn making Conor’s life better as I can care for him…

Don’t forget about yourself Mummies!

Love Tara xxx


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