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Balancing act called Life…

Can true equilibrium ever be achieved?

Whatever your two sides of the scale are; social and homelife or money and parenting we all have to split ourselves into two… which one is the dominate and why?

Obviously everyone will want to spend more time on the more fun things but life isn’t fair…

Between myself, my husband and the baby time is precious in our household; preciously scarce all fighting for time to call our own.

But we give up that right when we coexist with one another and then create another person from that.

My point is that maybe we should concentrate less on what we do with our time but what little time we have together and make the most of it.

I have been fighting this losing battle since being a teenage (homework, parting, working) and the fun stuff always won then… 

Hopefully as an adult I can let the fun stuff win sometimes too…

Love Tara xxx


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