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Food already???…

So Conor is now trying out some food (homemade puréed veg and fruit)

Yes he is only 13 weeks and yes I know they recommend 4 months at least – but no book or midwife is going to tell me what my baby wants.

They aren’t clones and if their Mother doesn’t know what’s best for them then they don’t have a chance in hell!

He is on 3 very small meals a day: porridge, veg & fruit then again for tea but with one mini white chocolate button (advent calendar) he is loving it all healthy, homemade foods – no nasties!!

I recommended the Tommee Tippee Steamer, its great and I feel like I am ahead of the game making food and freezing into ice trays then bagging up.

I am happy my baby is healthy and happy – I don’t care how much he eats or his weight (before anyone thinks I am trying to fatten him up) he has always been on more milk than recommended for his age and I knew full well he would be on food before that too.

If he was full term he would have been 9lb10 and he has hands and feet the size of a toddler (0-3 shoes wouldn’t fit him at 2 month!)

Any who… don’t be ashamed of doing what is best for your own beautiful unique bundle of joy. Happy Baby = Happy Mummy and let’s face it every Mum wants that.

Love Tara xxx


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