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What kind of Parent do you want to be?…


Forget about the socioeconomic constraints pressed onto you by modern day standards and create the family and life you want.

Forget the ever growing class divide creating a segregated Britain, think of you and your family as the only people that matter and nurture yourselves as you see fit.

This will then create life with no regrets…

I did what I though best for everyone I care about – isn’t that what life is about. Being a parent is hard – if think how harder it must be for those parents who didn’t get to bring their bundle of joy home.

As Christmas approaches and the mass materialistic hysteria kicks in I always try to remember that I am lucky…

I am a cuddling, homemade baby food making Mother with manic fears for the mortality of me and my family who deals with Mummy guilt everyday for not breastfeeding!

I said it… now either own it or change it!

Love Tara xxx



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