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I am still alive you know…

I can go places at night you know…

Me and many others with children would agree that some people believe that as soon as you have a child you then cannot join in with social events; therefore, they do not even ask…

Maybe not at the drop of a hat like before, i do own clothes other than sweatpants and i would like to try them on every now and again.

So don’t write off your friends with children so soon, even if they can’t go out at least they feel like they are in some way part of the party – if only in spirit.

However, i have to admit on the flip side sometimes i look at these Instagram pictures of women and men dolled up to the nines and think:

Feck that… Pass me my PJs and Haagan Daz

Thank you,

Tara xxx


2 thoughts on “I am still alive you know…

  1. I’ve experienced both sides of this in the last few weeks – and wrote about it today. After months feeling like I was a spectator while everybody took part in their one-upmanship competition on Facebook, I’ve just been spit out of 4 days of parties, one after another – and am kind of glad its all over.


    1. Oh yes the perfect skin deep life of the Facebookers can get you down, until you realise most of there pouty pictures are for show.
      I spent my first night out after having my baby looking at pictures of my baby!
      The grass isn’t greener eh! Xx


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