Ode to My Husband…

Becoming a Father isn’t the same as becoming a Mother.

I carried Conor in my body, he was a physical part of me so the bond was established almost at conception. But Wayne (my husband) was a spectator in this development – awaiting for the finished product. Wayne couldn’t have been more helpful with this process – the foot rubs and heartburn induced mood swings must have been pretty intense! He is a brilliant Husband but what about being a Father?

None of us know if we are going to be good parents we can only try our best – from a young age i have always wanted children and felt comfortable around them. When Wayne said he has never held a baby i was flabbergasted!

But that did not effect his Fathering skills at all. Don’t get me wrong there were things i had to show him but i couldn’t ask for a better Father for my child (someday children)

It got me thinking about these ladies and men who look after their children alone – i salute you!!! Being a parent is the most crazy, brilliant experience ever but i would not change it for the world.

So what i am trying to say it – i couldn’t have done this without my Husband’s help and support. He has surpassed my expectations many times on being a good partner but it was like he was born to be Conor’s Dad and he has just been waiting for him to be born – i am sure it will be the same for anymore we have.

Love Tara xxx



One thought on “Ode to My Husband…

  1. I love that so many people spout loads of advice about parenting, when in reality most people just make it up as they go along. I think that’s the most important thing for people to realise – that we’re all kind of making it up as we go along.


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