New mother


That is the annual salary a stay at home mother would earn…

Not as much as I thought it would be, I took the national minimum wage and times it by the amount of hours in a year!

However, unlike a job there isn’t another Mother that has been trained for the same job as you too take over when your ill or what a holiday. No benefits or dinner breaks – not even loo breaks!!! 

Now do not confuse my rant with complaining – I just think some narrow minded people need to maybe open their eyes on this subject.

“What do you do all day?”

“Going on your extended holidays? Aka Maternity Leave”

I am loving my maternity leave and I do not want it too stop – I actually want to stay at home and have no lunch breaks – hopefully that choice will be available to me when it comes to it.

Motherhood never stops.

Not when they are asleep, being babysat or even when they aren’t around all together. Giving birth is something so amazing it not only changes your body but also your soul.

Love Tara xxx


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