New mother


Well last night was one of the hardest nights we have ever had with Conor!

Probably got around 2hrs sleep – now I can feel all the ‘woe me’ mothers who like to judge and compare how hard being a mother is turning in their graves. However, for us as a family personally lack of sleep is quite rare as Conor is a very good night sleeping (terrible napper) 

Any who… went to the Docs today and he has Croup. He is on steroids and an inhaler (which is gonna be fun!!) 

You don’t realise how good you have it until it’s brutally ripped away from you – even at the beginning the sleepless nights were just the norm and your running on pure adrenaline from pushing a baby out of you! 

He is asleep in his own bed right now – just given him a dream feed. *fingers and toes crossed* he lasts till 6 like normal!

Love Tara xxx


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