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Dear Drivers…

Please can you:

  • Indicate when turning!
  • Not park over the lowered curb (not just for prams but for people who have physical impairments)
  • Admit when you have nearly run someone over and apologise (mouthing sorry is good enough)
  • Do not look at the pedestrian like they have done something wrong even though you know it was you – having a car doesn’t make you right, it just make you bigger and faster.
  • GET OFF YOUR FUCKING PHONES!!!! Don’t check your messages, don’t ring anyone – you are the only source of direction that vehicle has without you it’s just a massive piece of metal going Xmph.

I walk everyday with a pram and see all of the above everyday without fail…

Yes as a driver I understand you will see stupid pedestrians also but I am not one of those. I follow all guidelines to make me and my son safe on the roads so why don’t these drivers give me the same respect?

Please please please think next time your in your car about how much hurt and pain you can cause (even my accident) but imagine if it was because of something as silly as a text message. A text message could kill a small child, a mother… or you and your family in the car with you.

Safety and respect is what’s needed…

Love Tara xxx


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